Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pretty in Purple, Lovely in Lilac

Okay, so I am currently obsessing over all things purple. (the vest im wearing is actually a deep purple..not brown)OH! AND I AM WEARING SHORTS,i just hid them, and I don't really know why. I was inspired by this photo of Irina Lazaerinu(is that how you spell her last name?) from Anna Sui's Fall? 08' Collection,even though ONLY the jacket is purple. I was so inspired that I died my hair purple(not red) I've been going kind of crazy over purple. I'm obsessing over the Lilac Doc Martens, and have been wanting them for months upon months("someday" as the singer from The Strokes says "someday") and "Done Out in Deco" lilac nailpolish from O.P.I and I recently bought the cutest purple flower print dress with these gold bead things(will post pictures of that up later) . and now, I shall dream of all things purple. [snooze]

t-shirt: Forever 21
vest:was my grandma's
shorts(that you can't see):LTD2
glasses: Claire's
belt:antique shop
In the photo with the purple hair: real japanese robe(it has a name..I just don't know what it is)

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